Scott McKinney
I’ve never met a more reliable and honest mechanic in my life.
Greg Tenn
Going to the shop was a great experience. Dave is very courteous and took the time to explain everything that he saw, what was done, and to discuss options and priorities about future work. My MK4 VW GTI feels like it’s in good hands.
Elise Nelson
Dave is the absolute best and most honest mechanic around. When I bought my 12 year old Jetta, I took it to him for my first oil change and he looked over the whole car for me at no extra charge. After that I continued to take my Jetta back to him for everything from oil changes to coolant system issues and tire rotations. He was always honest, stayed true to his quotes, explained everything to me and was willing to answer any and all questions. He never once treated me “like a girl” and I never felt like I was being taken advantage of. I didn’t realize just what a gem Courtesy Auto was until I moved out of state and have had to deal with a dishonest mechanic who has left me with a broken car that cost a lot of money. If I could, I would have my car towed back to Dave so he could make it right!


You can count on Dave.
HONEST, and does great work. A+ for a rare shop where you can trust there’s no bullshit.

Testimonial By: Bob Manor  Wednesday 13 July, 2011

Fantastic place to have your VW repair work done. Honest, friendly and talented. I was told I would need to replace my injectors at the local dealers service facility. Took my car to Dave and he was able to fix it with a cleaning and tightening of the electrical contacts. It is now running like a charm again. I will go nowhere else in the future and will recommend him to any VW owners I know. Thanks Dave. By the way, that saved me between $1,000 and $2,000 depending on how many injectors they would have replaced.

Testimonial By: Pete Welsh   Sunday 01 May, 2011

A Decade of Dependability
I have been taking my Volkswagen needs to Dave for over ten years now. Every encounter and repair is met with friendly professional service. I include Dave in my lectures to students on excellence in customer service. It is worth buying a Volkswagen so that you can have Dave as a mechanic. Local author and VW driver Aramis Thorn has even written about this rare and excellent professional. http://aramisthorn.blogspot.com/2010/09/priceless-professionals-and-it-thugs.html Thanks for years of great friendship and servcie Dave. Mike

Testimonial By: Michael Sharp  Friday 24 September, 2010

I literally skipped out the door
Yesterday as I was driving into work my car window mysteriously rolled itself down. After pushing the control button in front and on the door a thousand times with nothing happening I quit and went into work. Later that day and the next, about 10 people (some with mechanical background) tried pulling and pushing and fiddling with every part inside the door to which they all failed to move the glass and told me I was out of luck. I called the local dealership, 2 days before they could look at it and the forecast was calling for snow. I searched online and found Dave (HOORAH!) who told me he couldn’t get me an appointment until next week, but to stop by before close and he would take a look (when has a mechanic ever said that?). In a terrible mood I drove the 20 min to the shop where he fiddled for a min, noticed a few problems right away, but quickly MacGyver-style propped my window up securely so I could take the tape/cardboard off my window until I could get an appointment (PS he didn’t charge me a dime that day!). I literally skipped out the door excited that I could retire the blanket sitting on my lap and ready to have more things fixed that I was putting off. PS I’m the type of girl that has a fear of being talked to like an idiot, intentionally ripped off, or dying in a ball of flames because some idiot forgot a bolt (someone did that to one of my wheels once). NO FEAR HERE!!!!!!!!!! GO DAVE!

Testimonial By: Debie Nell  Wednesday 14 October, 2009


Great place to take your VW!
My family was new to madison and my Jetta had developed several problems. After reading the testimonials, I tried Courtesy. Dave was fantastic – knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. He fixed everything for much less than I had expected. Definitely the beginning of a long relationship. You should take your car here.

Testimonial By: Jason  Saturday 10 October, 2009


Years of great service!
Being a VW owner, I feel that there isn’t anywhere else to have my car serviced. I have been a customer at Courtesy Auto for 10+ years and send any VW owner I know to Courtesy. Help is above and beyond service we have received anywhere else. Too bad our non-VW cars can’t receive the same pampering. THANKS for everything Dave!

Testimonial By: Carmela D  Wednesday 21 May, 2008


Not alternative, Better!
If you’re reading this you’re probably looking for a place to get your VW fixed. ou’ve found it. Honest, done right. If you’re used to the slick,clean and thoroughly designed service areas of a dealership you might be put off by the small shop and Dave’s oil-smudged appearance, or the fact that he sounds like he’s in an engine block when he’s talking on the phone (he probably is). But remember Dave actually puts his hands on the car – you’ll talk to no one but him, and he knows everything. I have a VW TDI – and they have some finicky maintenance requirements that dealers often screw up. Dave has taken car of all problems on this car and I have always been pleased by how little it cost. A potentially $1k problem somehow gets fixed for $50. I’ve had others look at the car, and I regret it. So stop reading… just go see Dave! Still not convinved? Story 1: Our TDI Golf has a replacement ECU chip in it. It generates more HP and lots more torque than the standard. The clutch started slipping… in 5th gear on the freeway. Its weird watching the RPM shoot up and the speedometer goes DOWN!. Anyway… time for a new clutch, right? Nope. Dave says the clutch looks fine by most standards, and replacing it with the standard clutch will probably just bring the problem back in some thousands of miles. He put in a clutch from a different VW (a VR6) and that solved the problem! Not only fixed, but better than before! Story 2: Fluid leaking from the engine. Seems to be power-steering fluid? Nope. Diesel – ejecting at high volume from the injector. Oh dear – is it time for a new pump? Nope – a new seal! Hooray! Cheap too. Story 3: Tire shop says I need new wheel bearings in the front. Sure – heard that before. Dave says no, really, you do. Ok – here are the keys, I’m going on vacation. He fixed the obvious bearing… still making unpleasant noise, fix the other bearing… noise gone. I enjoyed my vacation, got the car fixed and he came in under estimate. When was the last time you felt you could have a mechanic fix your car while you were on vacation? Things I should have taken in: AC problem. Windshield wiper problem. Would have saved me hours, $ and headaches.

Testimonial By: Eliot Mason    Thursday 05 April, 2007

Cold Weather
I had my first experience with Dave and Courtesy Auto during this past streach of really cold weather. I had a bad battery and a few other problems. I had gotten a battery from one of the chain stores and Dave told me I could get a much better battery through him for less than what I paid at the chain store. After all was said and done, Dave replaced my battery, looked at the other problems and put the car on the OBDII for less than $100. Since then I’ve come back to Courtesy and Dave has given me good advice on steered me in the direction of some good deals. Thanks Dave.

Testimonial By: Jonathon Suess    Wednesday 14 March, 2007


WOW Great Place
Courtesy Auto really knows how to fix VWs and does it at really good prices. I went to the dealer and another shop that does VW repair. I spent over $400 and neither place fixed my car right. Dave at Courtesy Auto spent the time on my Jetta and had it fixed right for less than 50 bucks. Thanks.

Testimonial By: Pete    Sunday 25 February, 2007

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