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To all customers and friends.

In response to the Covid 19 virus outbreak and responsible social distancing,we have a solution that currently should work. We are considered an essential service so we can stay open if we feel it’s safe for you and us.
We understand the importance dependable transportation is for many of you and this is what this program is designed for. It’s to keep those that can work to get to work and those that are helping others able to continue their much needed and appreciated efforts. 
Our current solution is as follows.
1) All cars scheduled will be held for three days before we enter and/or work on them. This takes into our current knowledge of the virus life on hard surfaces.
2) Car drop off will be through our key drop box. YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE A SPARE KEY TO PICK UP YOUR CAR, WE WILL LOCK YOUR KEYS IN FOR PICKUP.
3) Payment will be taken over the phone via credit card only.
4) We will operate on a priority schedule. Non necessary services will most likely not be scheduled at this time ( oil changes, tire rotations…etc.)
5) We will monitor the functionality of this program and keep you informed of any changes.
We take this virus and our responsibility for social distancing very seriously. We feel that currently by taking the above measures we can continue to service you in a safe and responsible manner.
Thank you for your understanding and consideration in this manner. We are all in this together and Courtesy Auto Service will continue to do what we can to help.

Dave Zipperer


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